kendal murray

Sydney Contemporary

Arthouse Gallery at Sydney Contemporary 11/09/2019

“Sometime, Springtime” invites us into an idyllic miniature Japanese garden, contained in a cup and saucer, delicately decorated with gold patterning. The garden offers a place of rest and contemplation amid spring flowering cherry blossom and luxuriant expanses of moss, while “Bamboo, Rendezvous” shows another Japanese garden, with two ponds adding to the experience of renewal. The porcelain tea cup and saucer that contains this lush garden is decorated with Geishas in their own beautiful garden. The waterlily lined ponds offer a place of peace for the family to enjoy, while the bamboo screens a romantic rendezvous.

“Beech Beseech” displays the disappointment experienced by a young boy, as the waves steal the rewards of his joyful pastime, while an aircraft modeller searches the sky for his favourite plane, lifted from his view in “Flight, Plight, Out Of Sight”.

“Brand New, View Accrue” asks us to consider who are the intruders in this retreat.

“Compete, Greet, Breakfast Treat” shows a family being entertained by a breakfast routine devised by Nan the great, and her wonder dog.

Kendal Murray, 2019