kendal murray

Flights Of Fancy

Arthouse Gallery 07/11/2012

Flights of fancy suggests a soaring of the imagination that transports us to that place of wishful thinking; dream worlds where we are invited to play, imagine, and fantasise about possibilities outside the reality of the every day.

The sculptural artworks in the exhibition "Flights Of Fancy", narratives unfold in tiny spaces that we might suddenly and unexpectedly come across in our daily routines that suggest hidden make believe worlds, creating a sense of intrigue and wonder while exploiting our suspension of disbelief, as we take moments to look at reveries that might disappear with the blink of an eye.

Our lives are abundant with narrative worlds from the regular narratives we share with family and friends, to the games, books and movies that engage us in entertaining narratives that offer us amusement and spaces to see ourselves in a different way. Just as we find meaning in our lives through its narrative retelling, we also construct our imaginings as narrative events. Brief escapes into fiction transport us out of the everyday and into the narrative worlds of our imagination, but these make believe worlds are constructed with fragments of narrative that we are familiar with, and that often suggest an illusion of memory of a certain space and time or situation. We make emotional investments in the fanciful spaces and time constructed in our dreams and daydreams thereby recasting these hidden spaces as private realms. The artwork "Fun Fair, Concessionaire" invites us back to a time when a fun fair offered delight to all our senses.

Idealised fragments of past experience are bought together in a wish filled fantasy in the artwork Sweet Retreat a holiday destination, which is given new meaning in an imaginary world, personally constructed for our own pleasure. We enter these fantasy worlds with a strong emotional charge, and an optimism of the possibilities they promise. We are happy to envision the possibilities of a dream fantasy in some detail, taking our time to construct arrangements that have personal significance, and meet our need for a desirable outcome.

In that artwork "Family Style, Smile" time is re-presented in the tiny dreamscape. The familiarity of this scenario and the other artworks in the exhibition, seem to suggest memories or nostalgia for an often told family story, but these events might have just sprung forth like an idea in the imagination, or they may have evolved and grown over many visits to a familiar scenario. The recreation of the spaces as daydream evolves through the narratives that are implied, and their miniature size enacts a type of longing for the viewer, to be in that world again, even for just a short time. To hold on to things we loved and valued, in an attempt to re-experience them through our fantasies.

Kendal Murray, 2012.

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